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This is the blog of Palmer Davis. I operated as Waking Up Washington for most of 2021. Learn more about the rename and recent changes.

Getting Healthy & a Printable Immunity Protocol

I put together most of the Well WA content including “the protocol,” as well as a list of sites where you can buy this stuff. Download the PDF so you can share or print as needed to help loved ones stay healthy. Let’s get serious Many of us could tell COVID-19 was not a pandemic in the usual sense.  We knew that wearing masks to rebreathe our own CO2, staying indoors alone,…

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Clark County Petition Submitted

The Medical Freedom petition was submitted to the Clark County elections office yesterday. This amazing group of people collected 11k signatures (it requires about 8k to be submitted to the council to vote). The CCRP has voted overwhelmingly in support, but the real question is what the County Council will do once it reaches their vote in about a month. You can listen to the Wednesday 12/1 episode of Lars Larson to…

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Update from Palmer, consolidating websites & moving forward

As of December 3 I will be renaming Waking Up Washington and social media channels to the Salty Activist. If you haven’t yet subscribed please do: I’ve worked for more than a decade in web design and development. This is helpful, when we need a new site on the fly for projects like reinstating Scott Miller’s medical license or promoting the Clark County medical freedom petition. But it also means I’ve spread a…

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Where confidence comes from

I don’t like bullies. Most of my activism this year, while done under the guise of “waking” folks up to political corruption, has actually been against institutional bullying. Whether it’s a high school forcing a young woman to sit in a plastic box, a hospital forcing nurses to take an experimental injection, or a mayor forcing his town to mask up, bullies make me mad. How do you confront a bully? Well…

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Salt & Light

Many false starts, more questions than answers the last couple weeks. Here’s one. Jesus says what you do for the least of them you do for me. Whether you believe in Jesus or not, can you disagree with the words attributed to him? As we think about Marisol and Joe, silenced by autism, or Melanie Gabriel in her plastic box at school, or vax clinics opening at grade schools… I kept wanting…

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Must-watch David Martin

Hopefully you’ve all seen this already, but just in case. Dr David Martin has been on the warpath exposing the players involved in creating and unleashing the bio-weapon we argue over. We all need to watch and update our understanding of what’s going on. Additional videos – it’s worth watching them all and feel free to comment with any others you’re aware of.

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Support the Cortes family

If you haven’t had a chance to donate to Martha Cortes GiveSendGo, please do. They are in the thick of an unprecedented custody battle based largely on woke censorship – claiming she is not fit to care for her autistic daughter based on things like how she watches Pastor Locke. The courts are rampantly biased against them and if they lose this battle a 30 year old autistic woman with seizures will…

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Rethinking Autism

Since we’ve been having this unexpected discussion about autism, I will share the book and program that changed my understanding. Del Bigtree covered this in August, but it gets buried in our political vax debates. I will say that if you have autistic children this can be hard to process. The idea is that autism limits motor control but that mentally these individuals are completely functioning and even gifted. They use letter…

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The Cortes battle

September: Brother speaks out against Mayor Adrian Cortes at rally supporting medical freedom ordinance We protest at Adrian’s house since he won’t let us be heard at City Hall. Now: Adrian petitions to take sister and force her to vax Support Martha Cortes by donating at GiveSendGo Stay tuned.

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Autistic man speaks: “Listen to me”

Note from Palmer: A good friend named Beth has an autistic son named Joe. He has been nonverbal his entire life. This year after reading the extraordinary book Underestimated, Beth began exploring writing with Joe. Basically she asks questions verbally and then helps steady his hand as he writes. It has been a slow process but recently they started writing in cursive and words are flowing faster. What he is sharing is…

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A humble timeline to explain why we need to talk. 2010 I move home from NYC to WA to “settle down.” But never seem to feel safe doing so. Why has my grandpa complained my whole life about Seattle’s expensive and never-finished transit plans, while the rest of the state turns into one big obese strip mall, dotted with Costco’s and REIs? Homeless camps bloom, suburbs sprawl, housing prices skyrocket. Is this……

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